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Body and soul of paper

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2016/10/25 Where to meet us?

Do you want to meet us in person but are not able to visit our Prague store? You might find it convenient to see us in one of the markets we are about to attend during the rest of 2016. After Edelstoff in Vienna and Designers' Open in Leipzig in October, you can see us in Vienna's Feschmarkt (18.–20. 11.) or Berlin's Holy Shit Shopping (3.–4. 12.). Come drop by and say hello :)

2016/10/12 Saving papelote

Past Friday, papelote team attended a first aid course by amazing instructors from ZdrSEM, who we would like to thank again this way!

We kept each other alive multiple times until the imaginatory arrival of an ambulance, so we hope that it will give us - apart from an increased interest in the health of our colleagues - cofidence to help when necessary..

Therefore, in case our wide range of diaries of the colourfulness of our new envelopes ever make your head spin, there will always be someone to help you :)

2016/10/11 Reconstruction of our store

Our store in Vojtěšská will be closed from Thursday 13th till Sunday 16th due to a reconstruction. You can come to see the new interior as well as the autumn new releases from Monday on. Therefore, if you were planning to pick something up this week, do not wait any longer so that you are not welcome just by a pair of locked doors.