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Body and soul of paper

  • Poutník kulturní krajinou
  • slusna firma
  • Linger in Prague - gif
  • Elemento upcycled 2018
  • Květná kolekce
  • Velveta limited


2018/06/29 A summer of wandering

Our wanderer notebook was created as a reincarnation of cultural diaries which weren't lucky enough to accompany someone for the whole year. To let them have their lucky break, we transformed the diaries into travel journals. They come with two fellow travellers - a traveller's letter (an origami envelope made of old maps) and a tourist badge (a badge with a map or a bloom for the lapel of your jacket)...

2018/06/28 Linger in Prague

In cooperation with Míra Valeš, the author of the well-known Prague Superguide, we have created a new Prague companion for all wandering souls - Linger in Prague. It offers forty spots, waiting to be discovered, as well as enough space to keep a record of your own Prague experience.

2018/06/26 Second life 02

Our workroom has given life to a new limited edition Second life 02, processing an unexpected heritage and using handstamps to transform 200 hand-bound notebooks into original pieces...
The series is complemented with a range of blossoming postcards made of residual cardboard.
May this summer be full of second chances!