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Body and soul of paper

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  • Jak vzniká fotoalbum
  • Colorado je zpět
  • Papelote na druhou 11/18
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2019/04/18 The production of a photo album

Before a photo album reaches your home, ready to preserve your fondest memories, its journey is a rather long one, consisting of many precise steps. It begins in our design studio, continues in Tomos, a printing company, where all the material is prepared, and the rest takes place in studio Činčera in Prague, where each piece is handcrafted with absolute precision.

2019/04/12 Papelote meeting room

It's not only our shop that is located in Vojtěšská 9, but also our offices, graphic studio and a meeting room with a beautiful view of St. Vojtěch church. As well as our shop, also our meeting room is designed by A1 architects. It's a space where our meetings, team supervisions and appointments with cilents take place - however, it also offers a quiet place for some focused work when a change of perspective is needed...

2019/03/29 Fifth diary for Slovak National Gallery

We've been cooperating with the Slovak National Gallery for a couple of years. Each year we create a diary with a topic related to Slovak art scene. This year's theme was floral motives, represented in the collections if SNG.