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Body and soul of paper

diáře 2019
  • Linger II
  • Diáře 2019
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2018/11/12 Second life

It's been a year since we've inherited this unexpected paper treasure. These notebooks were given to us by our locksmith, who inherited them from his uncle who once hand-bound and then left them in boxes in a corner of a garage, where they were catching dust for years. Needless to say, we were very pleased to adopt them; we just added some final touches and created a limited edition of unique, numbered notebooks. We have already created three editions - winter, blossoming and the upcoming autumn edition.

2018/11/06 Papelote squared is back in all of its beauty!

Our workroom has given life to a new edition of products upcycling our residual material - apart from a series of notebooks, our popular "papelote squared" collection also includes two sizes of photo albums made of elegant black cardboard, which can't wait to bring the stories of your photos, notes, and memories into life. ¨

Come and pick one up in our store before they're sold out!

2018/10/30 Image seeker Filip Šach

Born in Most, living and working in Prague. A graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem and FAMU in Prague, the creator of the photographic image of papelote brand, a father of two, an amateur drummer, a lifelong wanderer and image seeker.