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Body and soul of paper

slusna firma
  • Diáře 2018
  • slusna firma
  • univerzal
  • fotograf/sáčky
  • Druhý život
  • vega
  • papelote upcycled


2018/02/19 Nové balení gumiček


2018/02/13 Fourth diary for Slovak National Gallery

Another cooperation with the Slovak National Gallery and graphic designer Pavlína Morháčová brought a new, already fourth edition of the gallery's diary. In contrast with previous editions, each dedicated to an individual artist, this year's diary focuses on the societal development during the break-through year 1968, commemorating the events of its individual days and their representation in the works of Slovak conceptual artists. These are presented as printed copies as well as inserted facsimiles...

2018/02/12 Papelote takes up composting!

In papelote we take pride in thorough separating and recycling of all sorts of waste. Therefore adding organic waste was just a matter of time. After initial difficulties with taking out boxes filled with tea leaves, coffee grounds and plant-based leftovers to our composts at home, we came up with a much more convenient solution - we obtained our very own organic waste bin and also made it available to other occupants of the house. Our shared organic treasure then makes its way into a local composting plant, where it's turned into fertile soil for the Prague's greenery.