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Body and soul of paper

sleva na recyklaci
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2018/04/18 Flaws don't matter

Not everything always comes out 100% perfect, but some things can still be saved! For example with handstamps - these were used to change several folders with little imperfections into unique pieces, which are far more poetic then those of perfect quality... That's upcyclation in real life. Come and pick one yourself before they're gone! They are for sale in papelote shop right now.

2018/04/16 Recycling - second chance

At the occasion of Earth Day, all of our products made of recycled paper are offered with a 10% discount! Recycling is a process crucial for our future. It reduces the amount of produced waste and saves resources. Even though paper is made of renewable resources, it still deserves other incarnations. Cellulose fibers are reusable - it would be a waste to send them to a landfill after their first fulfilled task...

2018/04/12 Velveta limited

We present a new limited edition of zipper cases and travel journalshonouring famous history of traditional Czech textile factories. It is made entirely out of local fabrics from Velveta and Svitap and zippers from Děčín, and sewn in home workrooms at Kladno region. A perfect companion for discovering Czech landscape :)