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Accessibility declaration

This e-shop papelote – new czech stationery is designed with full regard to web accessibility standards (English translation via Google). The page is structured with XHTML 1.0 Strict mark-up and the visual appearance (the design) through the use of cascading style sheets (CSS). Text size can be arbitrarily changed through your Internet browser.

How to enlarge the text?

  • In Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera, press: Ctrl + scroll down/up
  • In Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, press: Ctrl + +/- (+ to enlarge, - to minimize)

Note: Apple Mac users should use the Apple ('Command') key rather than the Ctrl key.


A special print style is created to print pages. Pages can be printed by using a web browser or by using the "print" link, located in the footer of each page.

Keyboard shortcuts

papelote – new czech stationery Supports single key keyboard shortcuts (English translation via Google).

How to use keyboard shortcuts?

  • In Internet Explorer, press: Left alt + Shift + keyboard shortcut number, then it is necessary to confirm the action by pressing Enter key.
  • In Mozilla Firefox on Windows, press: Left alt + Shift + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Google Chrome press: Shift + Alt + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Opera press: Shift + Esc + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Safari press: Ctrl + Alt + keyboard shortcut number.
  • In Mozilla Firefox on Mac OSX, press: Ctrl + Alt + keyboard shortcut number.


In case of any problems with the accessibility or functionality of this website, please contact our company w3w, via e-mail at