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Alžběta Zemanová postcards

Alžběta Zemanová postcards


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€ 1,10 (€ 0,91 excl. VAT)

Postcards in four different sizes, designed by illustrator Alžběta Zemanová, bring a world of fictitious characters and fragments of their stories, which bring joy both to kids and adults.

Alžběta Zemanová

A graduate of the Studio of Illustration and Graphics at AAAD. She's a member of art groups NAPOLI and ILUGANG. She pursues book illustration and creates authorial books. She develops working with paper and graphics techniques. She enjoys creating paper toys and cutouts. She also likes to bring new characters to life and develop their stories and personalities...

postcard sizes:

small 14 × 10 cm
square 14 × 14 cm
long 20,5 × 10 cm
large 20,5 × 14 cm