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Eco-friendly papelote

Elemento upcycled

Elemento upcycled

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Limited collection of notebooks decorated with motives from the magical world of paper pieces. Featuring an inner pocket for all the bits worth keeping and an elastic that holds everything together. The adventure can start now!

format: 12×18 cm (smaller A5)
number of sheets: 64
paper: 100g/m2 from sustainable forestry

Elemento upcycled is a collection that gives second life to our remaining 2017 diary stock. In order not to waste the quality material, we granted it a transformation - the smooth paper printed with calendar turned into tear-off cube notepads and the cardboard covers got new fillings and became limited edition of journals. Therefore, the majority of the material was maintained.

Because the most sustainable paper is the one not wasted, we are glad that we managed to give second chance to our material through this reincarnation and we believe it will connect with you too. Your new journal is one with history, indeed :)