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Eco-friendly papelote

Professio limited

Professio limited


€ 11,56 (€ 9,55 excl. VAT)

Summery new release - popular proffesio exceptionally in colours! Limited edition with screen-printed motives that is just right for summer... The light grey inside of the cover will calm the restless mind and the blank pages will accomodate any kind of experiance - sceneries are best to be drawn, stories and thoughts and moods might be best noted in verses... Also there is a ruler on the last page, just in case you need it.

The stitched binding is made by hand by the skilful ladies at Tomos - secured at each side by three knots that will not give up on you easily. Therefore, no worries - you can tear off that page you stained with sangría...

format: B5 (17,6 x 25 cm), blank pages
number of sheets: 56
paper: 80g/m2 from sustainable forestry