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Eco-friendly papelote

Universal (weekly)

Universal (weekly)

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diary design
€ 12,63 (€ 10,44 excl. VAT)

size: A5
calendar type: weekly

Practical planner without labelled days and months, which allows you to start using it literally anytime. Meant for everyone who likes no restrictions. You can start for example in September if you want a "school diary"; it will work well also as an addition to your normal diary as a project planner. It is 2-hole punched, so you can store it in your binder and it will never get lost. In its lightness, it doesn't weight down, but in a binder, it can easily become an extensive chronicle in the course of years. The photograph on its cover is by Filip Šach.

Its high-quality paper (90g/m2) comes from Scandinavian paper mill Arctic paper, which meets the highest ecological standards.