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Eco-friendly papelote

Exposition in a box

Exposition in a box

€ 20,19 (€ 16,69 excl. VAT)

Accept this invitation into an intimate space of a miniature photo archive of Filip Šach. Immerse yourself in images, make a little exhibition, or pass them on with a message... It’s a multipurpose exhibition! Individual exhibits can easily transform into wrapping papers, greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks or compliment cards, and the empty box can become your own personal archive. The exhibition can also serve as a gift package!

Filip Šach
Born in Most, living and working in Prague. A graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem and FAMU in Prague, the creator of the photographic image of papelote brand, a father of two, an amateur drummer, a lifelong wanderer and sight seeker.

inner dimensions: 14,7  × 19,2  × 3 cm