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Globtech diary, etc.

Our initial commission was to design a writing set, out of which only a pen was already in existence. And it was necessary to complement it with everything it could be used for.

Visually and ideally this gift set winds around the topic of a journey, which is actually hinted at in the subheading of the company Globtech - "from data to information" and eventually materializes in the motto of the whole set - "Have a safe journey through 2015!"

The writing set is made up of a diary, which is the guide throughout the whole year and a companion on all journeys that it weekly promotes by pointing out interesting places to visit. Then there is the letter paper set with original photographs from travels, which is accompanied by a bookmark with instructions how to work with the paper that is simultaneously an envelope. Next is the felt case for a pen, which was there in the beginning. All is held by a folder that also contains a card that will guide the set owner through its entire contents and will suggest how to use the individual components. In conclusion the entire package is concealed in a paper bag with red handles.

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