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Philips diary

The shape of this custom-made diary for Philips is based on our Kompakt diary. However, it contains a tailored planner concept inside, where the calendar takes less space in order to leave more of it to personal notes.

Since Philips set the motto "Innovation and You" for the year 2015, also the diary is made more special - thanks to the exceptional technological part. The traditional sewn spine in covered only with a cloth and this book comes complete with a black cardboard folder. The printed shape on the folder is the "philips shape" that pervades the whole corporate visual identity. A notebook strap serves to hold a black pancil lacquered with a fluorescent colour. In this case the contemporary minimalist goes hand in hand with the thirties' Philips retro decor - four-pointed star. The colour combination in this diary refers to the topics of light and dark, shine and reflection, which are very own to Philips. Modern, retro, ecological.

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