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SNG diary

This diary was created in cooperation with the Slovak National Gallery. It is based on our elemento diary, but adapted to needs of the Slovak National Gallery concept - it uses the form of a diary but also incorporates journal entries and sketches by one of the significant authors of the 19th century - baron Ladislav Mednyánszky.

Our classic layout - calendar on one page and space for notes on the opposite page - was translated into Slovak and completed with passages from baron's journals from different years. The space for notes was filled with author's sketches - as well as the texts, those are printed in light green, so that they don't stay to much in a way of owner's notes.

The diary serves as a promotional product of the Slovak National Gallery, that is why it also includes basic information about the gallery - closed dates and presentation of each department of SNG. As a bonus, there is also enclosed a ticket to Kastel Strážka, where Ladislav Mednyászky's work is exhibited.

The color scheme of this diary is green-brown and the cover is decorated with a blind embossed author's portrait.

The graphic concept was created by Pavlína Morháčová.


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