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Czech centres

This representative gift set originated as a tailor made solution for the Czech Centres – Ministry of Foreign Affairs agency representing the Czech Republic in 22 countries across the world.

The final result is based on the idea of a letter as the traditional medium interconnecting the world, used in the past not only for personal correspondence, but also for diplomatic, art or science correspondence. The compact gift set in the form of an envelope made from Tyvek conceals a double pocket notebook fastened with a notebook strap holding a pencil. Easily addressable, practical, pocket size…

The graphical image is based on several inspirational sources. The first is the colour of the Czech Republic’s national flag, which is the same as the corporate colours of the Czech Centres. The second is the complementary elements of the visual style of the Czech Centres, which include the dot/circle and lines. The dots and the lines remoulded into the inside layout of the notebooks, while the circle appears in the shape of the postmark and the enclosure of the envelope. Our third inspiration was the postal motifs such as the postmark or the postage stamp. The shape of the envelope is based on the Czech flag and its typical inside wedge. The untraditional binding of the double notebooks refers to the tight bondage of the two main parts of the Czech Republic – Bohemia and Moravia.

Also the choice of materials plays an important role here – the envelope is made from Tyvek, which is a special material that combines the attributes of paper, foil and fabric and it is 100% recyclable. The paper used for the notebooks is environmentally friendly. The final product is a combination of industry and hand work.

Graphic design: Kateřina Šachová, cooperation: with Filip Šach


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