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Books for Koma

The company Koma, a manufacturer of prefabricated houses and modular buildings out of which you can assemble anything from a family house, through a school to a sports facility, addressed pape.lab with a request to design notepads for their employees and business partners.

The final outcome consists of 2 notepads with tear out sheets. The larger format A4 is determined for employees having dot grit paper suitable for module drawing and pre-punched four holes to fit in binders. The top cover comes with a practical, detachable ruler. The smaller square format is meant as a present. Its coloured sheets, perforated into shapes concealing the Koma logo (a square with a separable right bottom quarter), will be suitable to tear off as a compliment card or for notes.

The processing reflects the Koma corporate colours, logo and company slogans, as well as the subject of its operations, which is industrial production of various types of containers, simple in shape while well combinable. When the books are stacked up the special coloured glue on the back creates a red plane resembling the substance of the modules, and the use of raw cardboard or the piercing of the entire book for the possible attachment of papers in a binder refer to the industrial character of the clients technical background.

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