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History of papelote

Renaissance of Czech stationery

The story of papelote started as a dissertation of a graphic designer and illustrator Kateřina Šachová, which was created at Academy of Arts, Arquitecture and Design under the guidance of Juraj Horváth, Michaela Kukovičová and Jan Činčera. Its mission was primarily to revive the forgotten beauty of stationery and paper itself and to point out its role in our history, culture and in the present.

Papelote is alive!
It didn't stop there. Kateřina Šachová together with her husband Filip Šach and their friend Denisa Havrdová decided to join in order to bring papelote to life and in 2009 founded a company. Papelote was presented to the public for the first time at Designblok 2009 and subsequently a small distribution network was built. In June 2010 they opened papelote store, which offered the whole range of products to customers. In the same year papelote broadened its offer by services of a creative studio, which started designing tailored stationery products for companies and other clients.

At Designblok 2011 papelote presented its new paper, fabric and felt collections, for which was awarded "Store of the Year 2011" from the hands of Czech Grand Design Academy. Filip Šach was nominated in the category Photographer of the Year for the papelote campaign.

Papelote is growing!
Since then papelote keeps growing. From 2011 it has its own eshop offering a wide range of products and is sold by distibutors in both the Czech Republic and abroad. Papelote works for many interesting clients designing tailored products, while also developing its own range of products.

The number of people working in papelote is growing too. The studio directed by Kateřina Šachová is now comprised of 5 people and a team of a similar size is in charge of the store operation, promotion and communication with clients and partners. Customers are then taken care of by a group of nice staff in the store.