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2019/07/04 Papír je příběh


2019/07/02 Upcycled summer new-ins!

The range of A4 and pocket-sized notebooks has grown by a wide spectrum of new colours, upcycling brightly-coloured sheets of beautiful material, remaining at our printer’s after the production of not only our own goods but also of notebooks custom-made for various clients. The material was given a second chance and you can now enjoy notebooks as colourful as your summer experiences...

2019/07/02 Prague Quadrennial now available in papelote

Papelote shop now offers three products that we designed and created for Prague Quadrennial. So if you didn't make it to the festival, you can take your time to pick the right one! Whether you choose a set of notebooks, a playful pexeso or an interactive cut-out mask, is entirely up to you...

2019/06/17 Marketing manager wanted!

For Czech speakers only... If you're a local interested in this position, click here for more info!

2019/06/14 Interview with Kateřina Šachová

Symbolically, ten years after Kateřina Šachová introduced papelote and its concept of new stationery as her diploma work at UMPRUM, Zuzana Ptáčková interviewed her for her own diploma thesis! With the goal of mapping new stationery shops in the Czech Republic as a special segment of design, she interviewed their founders, putting emphasis on topics such as art studies, starting a business, inspiration or creative motivation...

2019/06/13 Treasures from our archive

In the course of ten years of our existence, our archive has gathered quite a piece of our history. We are happy to inform you that we will be presenting some of our nowadays almost "historical" moments and products on our social media, so don't hesitate to follow us on our facebook and instagram!

2019/06/12 10 years of life

On 16 June, exactly ten years will have passed since Kateřina Šachová presented her diploma thesis at UMPRUM and the whole papelote with it. Because that's how the whole concept of new Czech stationery was born - as a diploma of a graphic designer, whose aim was to revive the forgotten beauty of paper and stationery as such and emphasize the importance of paper in our history and culture, as well as in the present day...

2019/06/11 Let's make a wall of wishes together

Papelote is celebrating ten years of its existence – we’re looking back, reminiscing, but also evaluating where we are now…

But in the first place, we’re flying on!

Where would we like to fly? What is our dream? Our wish? What does each one of us wish to themselves? What do we wish to our closest ones, to our country, to next generations? And to the planet?

Let’s try it together – stop for a second and add your own message! Let’s create a wall of wishes sent to the future!

2019/06/10 Papelote for Prague Quadrennial

Papelote is a proud partner of this year's Prague Quadrennial - a festival of theatre and scenography, which, as we hope, is notable at first sight to its visitors :) Our souvenir spot offers three products custom-tailored for PQ!

2019/05/24 Papelote upcycled

Elemento upcycled is a collection that gives a second life to our remaining 2019 diary stock. In order not to waste the quality material, we granted it a transformation - the smooth paper printed with calendar turned into tear-off memo pads and the cardboard covers got new fillings and became limited edition of journals.


2019/04/18 The production of a photo album

Before a photo album reaches your home, ready to preserve your fondest memories, its journey is a rather long one, consisting of many precise steps. It begins in our design studio, continues in Tomos, a printing company, where all the material is prepared, and the rest takes place in studio Činčera in Prague, where each piece is handcrafted with absolute precision.

2019/04/12 Papelote meeting room

It's not only our shop that is located in Vojtěšská 9, but also our offices, graphic studio and a meeting room with a beautiful view of St. Vojtěch church. As well as our shop, also our meeting room is designed by A1 architects. It's a space where our meetings, team supervisions and appointments with cilents take place - however, it also offers a quiet place for some focused work when a change of perspective is needed...

2019/03/29 Fifth diary for Slovak National Gallery

We've been cooperating with the Slovak National Gallery for a couple of years. Each year we create a diary with a topic related to Slovak art scene. This year's theme was floral motives, represented in the collections if SNG.

2019/03/08 Spring sale

For the sixth year in a row we again collected all the items that, for various reasons, cannot be sold for a full price in our shop due to their imperfections, production mistakes etc. That is why in March we will be holding a spring sale, again under the motto "with mistakes but with love", where we will be offering a wide range of considerably discounted products.


2019/01/28 Hello statue!

A new book about public space named Hello statue is now available in our shop! Our studio has been cooperating on it for a few months and we are proud to introduce it!

2019/01/07 Come for a visit!

We are conveying a customer survey and we could really use your help! Are you our regular customer? Come and talk to us over a cup of good coffee and we'll reward you with a voucher into our shop...

2018/12/04 Year's end in our online shop

We get it - a present that is not lying underneath a Christmas tree kind of isn't a proper present anymore. We try very hard for it not to happen to any of you, so we are bringing you an important notification - all orders placed and paid by the 13th of December (incl.) will be sent on Friday and should be delivered before the 24th. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the same thing for orders placed after this date, so do not postpone your purchase any longer :)



2018/11/27 Papelote workshop at Knihex

On 8 and 9 December, another year of winter Knihex book fair will take place in Studio Alta. In addition to our stand, we're also bringing a Sunday upcycling workshop, where both kids and adults will have the opportunity to create their own notebooks using high-quality residual material from our production as well as various rings, studs, or stamps. You can also give new life to two-colored paperboard from elegant professio notebooks...

2018/11/23 Christmas inspiration

To make thing easier during your Christmas shopping, we created a little inspiration in the form of selected sets of our well combinable products. Whether you live with a keen traveller, student, a minimalist or a life documentarist, you will find a beautiful gift for each and every one of them in our shop.

2018/11/14 Graphic designer wanted

Papelote studio is looking for an addition to its team - a graphic designer for internal cooperation.

Czech speakers only - more info here.


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