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2013/05/19 Write soon!

A letter. It’s up to you who you address it to. It can be a fairy, a friend, a pet, your mom or a TV star! We will write and draw at the same time during our next illustration workshop on Sunday, June 2nd with Anna Pleštilova.


2013/05/10 Malá uzavírka

Všem, kdo se k nám zítra chystali se moc omlouváme, bude totiž z technických důvodů nečekaně zavřeno. Má to však i své světlé stránky... naše zavřené dveře můžete minout a pokračovat dál, za hradby, do kraje, někam, kde to neznáte, a zaplnit tak pár slepých míst svých osobních map. Krásnou cestu a v pondělí naviděnou. 


2013/04/23 Animace bez kamery

Na druhé ilustrované dílně nám příběhy budou doslova ožívat pod rukama.

2013/04/12 Malované světy

Vyzkoušejte si práci s příběhem a vlastní fantazií jako opravdový ilustrátor! První ilustrovaná dílna v papelote.

Vyzkoušejte si práci s příběhem a vlastní fantazií jako opravdový ilustrátor.Vyzkoušejte si práci s příběhem a vlastní fantazií jako opravdový ilustrátor. Jak pracovat s papírem, kompozicí, ilustračními technikami a písmem? První ilustrovaná dílna v papelote.

Vyzkoušejte si práci s příběhem a vlastní fantazií jako opravdový ilustrátor.Vyzkoušejte si práci s příběhem a vlastní fantazií jako opravdový ilustrátor. Jak pracovat s papírem, kompozicí, ilustračními technikami a písmem? První ilustrovaná dílna v papelote.

2013/04/12 Pocket size roundlogs

Days of European Film are starting! Are you choosing films? Don't you have a printed program or don't you feel like writing in it? Why not get a functional souvenier that papelote designed for the festival - a little roundlog notebook just right for your pocket. It's just waiting for your tips and experiences from the screenings.

2013/04/04 ARCTO IRIS

Arctic colours of a rainbow, thoughts, ideas or how would an architect, photographer, writer, graphic designer, jeweller, theoretician, illustrator, fashion designer or a child see their sketchbook? Papelote, with the support of the paper group Arctic Paper, is preparing a limited collection of sketchbooks with 10 original covers with screenprint on the quality Munken paper.

2013/04/03 Ilustration workshops

Do you know who visits Papelote on Sundays? Illustrators! Together with them, we have prepared a cycle of illustration workshops for children. We are starting on 21 April with Alžběta Skálová and Alžběta Zemanová!

2013/01/22 iMusko is here!

We are pleased to introduce the new addition to our felt family - collection iMusko tailor made for your electronic mates. Did you get a flat friend under the Christmas tree and would you like to protect it from loosing its shine from daily use? Treat it to a soft felt cover. Made from 100% wool, it will be the right fit for iPhones, Kindles, iPads or others compatible in size.


2012/12/23 pour féliciter 2013

Náš poslední otvírací den v tomto roce se pomalu chýlí ke konci a tak bychom vám rádi popřáli krásné a klidné Vánoce, šťastný nový rok a pořádnou sněhovou nadílku! Naviděnou se budeme opět těšit od 2. ledna 2013.

2012/12/15 Předvánoční otevírací doba

Přijďte se cestou z vycházky ohřát do papelote, na stříbrnou a zlatou neděli máme otevřeno od 12 do 18 hodin. Ukažte svému ježíškovi, co by neměl přehlédnout! Vstup s vínem je povolen

2012/12/11 Večer navíc!

2012/11/30 Advent is behind the door

During this time that the evenings are long and the cold and the dark are creeping into our pockets, why not get yourself lured in by the lit up window case and come in to shorten your waiting for Christmas. The theme of our origami "party" will be various Christmas stars, that can shine among branches or entice the views of brightened up windows. There will also be time to make cards - try to express yourself this year in three dimensions...

2012/11/15 Introducing... our Diaries

Well these are them! The gentelman in a handsome leisure suit, the simple yet sharp gallant and the playful cultural attache – your weekly diaries for 2013.


2012/10/27 Birds are flocking in papelote!

Not all the birds have flown down south yet. On Wednesday, November 14th they will flock in papelote at another origami workshop with Markéta Pilátova. We are anticipating the appearance of a crane, swan, sparrow and hummingbird.

2012/09/11 Indian summer is here!

Do you like our pencil cases? Now you can select from our new patterns! We have prepared for you a special addition for the indian summer - apparently it will last until November...

2012/09/10 Autumn new arrival black as coal

Do you have something big on your mind? Don't be afraid to take a big swing! Perhaps on the 80 pages of our new A4 notebook, which can take in anything from geometry through an outline of a novel to sketches of future cities. Treat yourself to lots of space for expression!

2012/09/06 We'd like to introduce you to someone...

For a long time now we have not been able to offer much in the size A4 but things are looking up now! The first Swallow is here in the form of a collection of A4 Klasikas in the usual range of colours and inside layouts. This basic notebook will satisfy your basic needs!

2012/08/03 Kulturissimo diary is coming!

This fall we would like to introduce to you a cultural diary for the year 2013 which is being originated through the cooperation of Papelote and the cultural portal This will be a weekly diary with listings of cultural events for the corresponding days. We will make the information about the project gradually available on


The summer is here and so is the time for tours, roadtrips, cruises, hikes and pilgrimages - moments filled with experiences that will be remembered with joy. However, the human memory is unreliable, therefore it is advisable to carefully record everything. Take a break with a pen in your hand and enjoy the moments and experiences again while putting them down on paper that will keep them safe for you....

2012/07/02 papelote for the 25th Biennale in Brno

Papelote is honoured to be the partner of this year's Biennale of Graphic Design and to introduce the special collection inspired by the theme of this year's visual Biennale system: design as a process - process as design. Until October, you have the possibility to see and buy it in all gallery shops of the Moravian Gallery or in the papelote shop in Vojteska Street 9 in Prague

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