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2018/05/28 Do you have a knack for art?

This year has been the second year of us supporting a student competition Do You Have a Knack for Art?, which is a part of the special events programme of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. More than a hundred finalists received interactive gift packages, adding a playful twist to this year's theme of identity. As well as the identity of each one of us, also the packages, created in our workroom, are absolutely unique...

2018/05/02 New edition papelote squared

With the first signs of spring, limited Papelote Squared edition returns to our Prague store - a collection of products that recycles residues from our production and that was made during the long winter evenings.



2018/04/23 We're looking for a seamstress! (locals only)

We're looking for a skilful seamstress for long-term external cooperation, who would help us with sewing cases and covers from vegan leather and tyvek. It's a work from home position. If you have a sewing machine, skilful hands, and are precise and keen to play with untraditional materials, contact us at Locals only.

2018/04/18 Flaws don't matter

Not everything always comes out 100% perfect, but some things can still be saved! For example with handstamps - these were used to change several folders with little imperfections into unique pieces, which are far more poetic then those of perfect quality... That's upcyclation in real life. Come and pick one yourself before they're gone! They are for sale in papelote shop right now.

2018/04/16 Recycling - second chance

At the occasion of Earth Day, all of our products made of recycled paper are offered with a 10% discount! Recycling is a process crucial for our future. It reduces the amount of produced waste and saves resources. Even though paper is made of renewable resources, it still deserves other incarnations. Cellulose fibers are reusable - it would be a waste to send them to a landfill after their first fulfilled task...

2018/04/12 Velveta limited

We present a new limited edition of zipper cases and travel journalshonouring famous history of traditional Czech textile factories. It is made entirely out of local fabrics from Velveta and Svitap and zippers from Děčín, and sewn in home workrooms at Kladno region. A perfect companion for discovering Czech landscape :)

2018/04/09 New edition papelote squared

With the first signs of spring, limited Papelote Squared edition returns to our Prague store - a collection of products that recycles residues from our production and that was made during the long winter evenings. Come in late April choose one of these unique pieces!


2018/03/08 International Womans Day 2018

We wish a happy International Women's Day to y'all and we are adding a 20% discount at all papelote products in our store and e-shop to all the chocolate and flowers you will receive today. Just use a code "womensday" at your order.

2018/03/01 Spring inventory check

Dear customers, with spring approaching we feel the urge to do some cleaning and organizing. On Sunday we are getting down to our yearly inventory check, which will last until Monday (5 March). The shop will be closed on Monday and any online order placed after Thursday midnight will be processed on Wednesday (7 March). We wish you a nice weekend, with or without spring cleaning :)

2018/03/01 Spring sale

For the fifth year in a row we again collected all the items that, for various reasons, cannot be sold for a full price in our shop due to their imperfections, production mistakes etc. That is why in March we will be holding a spring sale, again under the motto "with mistakes but with love", where we will be offering a wide range of considerably discounted products.

2018/02/19 New packaging of notebook straps

Our key product has finally got a new packaging! The original cellophane bags were abandoned years ago and we offered the straps unpacked - however, then they lacked some sort of comprehensibility, especially when sold somewhere other then in our shop. For that reason we newly equipped it with a compostable card, which carries important information about the strap itself as well as about papelote...

2018/02/13 Fourth diary for Slovak National Gallery

Another cooperation with the Slovak National Gallery and graphic designer Pavlína Morháčová brought a new, already fourth edition of the gallery's diary. In contrast with previous editions, each dedicated to an individual artist, this year's diary focuses on the societal development during the break-through year 1968, commemorating the events of its individual days and their representation in the works of Slovak conceptual artists. These are presented as printed copies as well as inserted facsimiles...

2018/02/12 In good company

It's been an honour to become a part of the Fair Company project, which connects about 60 Czech companies that don't set profit as their primary goal, but are also concerned about the needs of everyone involved in business - the owners as well as the employees, customers, community, and the planet as a whole. The journey to achieving such goal has been as long as the existence of the company itself, filled with little successful steps, moments of shuffle as well as a few missteps. However, in this case it is safe to say that "the journey is the destination" and we are happy to share it with you!

2018/02/12 Papelote takes up composting!

In papelote we take pride in thorough separating and recycling of all sorts of waste. Therefore adding organic waste was just a matter of time. After initial difficulties with taking out boxes filled with tea leaves, coffee grounds and plant-based leftovers to our composts at home, we came up with a much more convenient solution - we obtained our very own organic waste bin and also made it available to other occupants of the house. Our shared organic treasure then makes its way into a local composting plant, where it's turned into fertile soil for the Prague's greenery.

2018/02/01 Photographer wanted!

Locals only (work in our Prague studio) Papelote is looking for a photographer for long-term cooperation - taking photographs of our goods and custom-made products in our studio in Vojtěšská street in Prague, including post-production. We're looking for a stationery enthusiast with a team spirit, who enjoys working at a studio.

2017/12/21 Trash is for tossers

Wrapping paper's carreer does not have to end underneath the Christmas tree, it can handle much more! You can for instance transform the wrapping paper into a paper cover for a book you are gifting (see tutorial below) and it will loyally protect it  forever (almost). Paper left after unwrapping can then be turned into playful party decorations... Lets give wrapping paper a second chance!

2017/12/18 Gift wrapping

Would like to get your gift really sorted? Have your purchase gift-wrapped in our store! Paper bags are made from our wrapping papers or test print sheets and were put together at Sheltered Workshop of Home Harcov - the only thing left for you to do is to put the present under the Christmas tree..

2017/12/14 Job opening in dispatching!

Locals only (due to the nature of the job). That is right, we are looking for some new faces :) Specificaly, we are seeking a careful, systematic, positive and stress-proof coleague, who will be helping us next year with e-shop and wholesale order processing and will take care of all the parcels that leave papelote premises...

2017/12/12 Year's end in our online shop

We get it - a present that is not lying underneath a Christmas tree kind of isn't a proper present anymore. We try very hard for it not to happen to any of you, so we are bringing you an important notification - all orders placed and paid by the 14th of December (incl.) will be sent on Friday and should be delivered before the 24th. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the same thing for orders placed after this date, so do not postpone your purchase any longer :)

2017/12/12 Second chance for people and paper

We in papelote always stick to the motto, which says that the most sustainable paper is one not wasted; that is why we always try to find new use for residual material. For instance, we reuse test sheets (sheets of paper used for first rounds of - imperfect - printing) and transform them into paper bags used in our Prague store to pack purchases.

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