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2018/11/14 Graphic designer wanted

Papelote studio is looking for an addition to its team - a graphic designer for internal cooperation.

Czech speakers only - more info here.


2018/11/12 Second life

It's been a year since we've inherited this unexpected paper treasure. These notebooks were given to us by our locksmith, who inherited them from his uncle who once hand-bound and then left them in boxes in a corner of a garage, where they were catching dust for years. Needless to say, we were very pleased to adopt them; we just added some final touches and created a limited edition of unique, numbered notebooks. We have already created three editions - winter, blossoming and the upcoming autumn edition.

2018/11/06 Papelote squared is back in all of its beauty!

Our workroom has given life to a new edition of products upcycling our residual material - apart from a series of notebooks, our popular "papelote squared" collection also includes two sizes of photo albums made of elegant black cardboard, which can't wait to bring the stories of your photos, notes, and memories into life. ¨

Come and pick one up in our store before they're sold out!

2018/10/30 Image seeker Filip Šach

Born in Most, living and working in Prague. A graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem and FAMU in Prague, the creator of the photographic image of papelote brand, a father of two, an amateur drummer, a lifelong wanderer and image seeker.



2018/09/19 Reading at an exhibition

On 28 September at 3 PM, a reading by Ondřej Buddeus will take place in the Thir Wine Bar. He will be reading a few tiny stories, which may or may not have happened, from his 2019 diary. The reading will be accompanied by an exhibition of photographs by Filip Šach, some of which also complement Ondřej's text. We would love to invite you to this showcase of the possibilities of applied literature!

2018/09/14 The world of paper and its minorities

For the forthcoming Tabook festival (a festival of small publishers in Tábor) we have prepared a workshop reacting to its topic "Czechoslovakia and Jews, Germans, the Romany, Hungarians, Poles, Russians..." and bringing the metaphor of minorities into the world of paper. A creative space of our stand will offer the creation of "a block of integration", which shows that even seemingly useless scraps of paper, which don't really "fit in", can become an essential part of a newly formed complex.

2018/09/14 Filip Šach - Exposed

As a part of this year's Tabook festival, we're also organizing an exhibition of our photographer Filip Šach. Filip, a former graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design in Ústí nad Labem and FAMU in Prague, has been the creator of the photographic image of papelote for years, will reveal the intimate space of his personal archives, which also provided some images for our collection of 2019 diaries...

2018/09/07 Planner for The Homecoming

6th edition of planners supporting home hospice The Homecoming is alive! Its cover is decorated with metalic screen-printed pattern resembling waves... Planners are available in charity shops of The Homecoming.

2018/08/31 Paper matters

Paper as such is considered a renewable source, which makes it more eco-friendly than other materials - however, it is necessary to think further about its ecological impact. Not all paper is the same. What plays an important role is also the origin of wood used to make cellulose as well as the volume of water used in its production, the extent of pollution coming from the paper mill, or also the distance the paper has to travel to reach the customer. For that reason, for our production, we select materials coming from ecologically sustainable forestry. A major part of our paper comes from a Nordic paper mill named Arctic paper, known for maintaining the highest ecological standards...

2018/08/10 January, the month of dreaming

In cooperation with Ondřej Buddeus we've been working on a new edition of our literary diary, which brings 365 tiny stories - one for each day of the year. The text is accompanied by authorial photographs by Filip Šach.

2018/06/29 A summer of wandering

Our wanderer notebook was created as a reincarnation of cultural diaries which weren't lucky enough to accompany someone for the whole year. To let them have their lucky break, we transformed the diaries into travel journals. They come with two fellow travellers - a traveller's letter (an origami envelope made of old maps) and a tourist badge (a badge with a map or a bloom for the lapel of your jacket)...

2018/06/28 Linger in Prague

In cooperation with Míra Valeš, the author of the well-known Prague Superguide, we have created a new Prague companion for all wandering souls - Linger in Prague. It offers forty spots, waiting to be discovered, as well as enough space to keep a record of your own Prague experience.

2018/06/26 Elemento upcycled 2018

Not every diary gets to serve its purpose. Some of them remain unsold and never get the chance to conceal all your planned vacations or parties... Unless they are upcycled into a handy notebook, in which months suddenly have no importance! For this reason, we present papelote upcycled, offering a second chance to unsold diaries.

2018/06/26 Second life 02

Our workroom has given life to a new limited edition Second life 02, processing an unexpected heritage and using handstamps to transform 200 hand-bound notebooks into original pieces...
The series is complemented with a range of blossoming postcards made of residual cardboard.
May this summer be full of second chances!

2018/06/22 Badges on the horizon!

The Voyager probe is reporting a new starry formation! You can see it with your bare eye, preferably from the entrance of papelote store :) It is formed by badges with traveller patterns - while some may wander with a bloom on their lapel, others may prefer the outlines of a map... Come and pick a star to accompany your journey before the nebula disperses...

2018/05/28 Do you have a knack for art?

This year has been the second year of us supporting a student competition Do You Have a Knack for Art?, which is a part of the special events programme of the Jindřich Chalupecký Award. More than a hundred finalists received interactive gift packages, adding a playful twist to this year's theme of identity. As well as the identity of each one of us, also the packages, created in our workroom, are absolutely unique...

2018/05/02 New edition papelote squared

With the first signs of spring, limited Papelote Squared edition returns to our Prague store - a collection of products that recycles residues from our production and that was made during the long winter evenings.



2018/04/23 We're looking for a seamstress! (locals only)

We're looking for a skilful seamstress for long-term external cooperation, who would help us with sewing cases and covers from vegan leather and tyvek. It's a work from home position. If you have a sewing machine, skilful hands, and are precise and keen to play with untraditional materials, contact us at Locals only.

2018/04/18 Flaws don't matter

Not everything always comes out 100% perfect, but some things can still be saved! For example with handstamps - these were used to change several folders with little imperfections into unique pieces, which are far more poetic then those of perfect quality... That's upcyclation in real life. Come and pick one yourself before they're gone! They are for sale in papelote shop right now.

2018/04/16 Recycling - second chance

At the occasion of Earth Day, all of our products made of recycled paper are offered with a 10% discount! Recycling is a process crucial for our future. It reduces the amount of produced waste and saves resources. Even though paper is made of renewable resources, it still deserves other incarnations. Cellulose fibers are reusable - it would be a waste to send them to a landfill after their first fulfilled task...

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