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2017/12/18 Gift wrapping

Would like to get your gift really sorted? Have your purchase gift-wrapped in our store! Paper bags are made from our wrapping papers or test print sheets and were put together at Sheltered Workshop of Home Harcov - the only thing left for you to do is to put the present under the Christmas tree..

2017/12/14 Job opening in dispatching!

Locals only (due to the nature of the job). That is right, we are looking for some new faces :) Specificaly, we are seeking a careful, systematic, positive and stress-proof coleague, who will be helping us next year with e-shop and wholesale order processing and will take care of all the parcels that leave papelote premises...

2017/12/12 Year's end in our online shop

We get it - a present that is not lying underneath a Christmas tree kind of isn't a proper present anymore. We try very hard for it not to happen to any of you, so we are bringing you an important notification - all orders placed and paid by the 14th of December (incl.) will be sent on Friday and should be delivered before the 24th. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the same thing for orders placed after this date, so do not postpone your purchase any longer :)

2017/12/12 Second chance for people and paper

We in papelote always stick to the motto, which says that the most sustainable paper is one not wasted; that is why we always try to find new use for residual material. For instance, we reuse test sheets (sheets of paper used for first rounds of - imperfect - printing) and transform them into paper bags used in our Prague store to pack purchases.

2017/12/11 Limited edition made from Czech fabrics

Czech planners only. 2018 planner collection brough also one purely local addition to the mix. It is a limited edition of covers for the popular Fabrico planner, made from Czech fabrics with our own original screen-printed motives, featuring also a practical attached elastic pen holder...

2017/12/08 Second life of notebooks

The papelote workshop has been busy for quite some time with an unexpected heritage. These notebooks were given to us by our locksmith. They were inherited by him from his uncle who once hand-bound and then left them in boxes in a corner of a garage. Needless to say, we were very pleased to adopt them; we just added some final touches in form of stamps on the covers and created limited edition of unique numbered pieces - Second Life line. First - winter- edition is available right now...

2017/11/30 Advent calendar

Czech online shop only. Advent is the time of excitement and anticipation, preparation, traditions and rituals. Papelote advent calendar has become one of these traditions - one that sweetens the pre-Christmas waiting period, one little window at a time. You can expect 20% discount on selected products each day..

2017/11/27 New star in papelote range

Papelote product range has gotten even a bit wider today - new collection Vega has been introduced to both our physical and virtual shelves. This collection is focused on products made from so-called vegan leather - durable, washable, leather-like material made from cellulose.

2017/11/14 Planner for The Homecoming

5th edition of planners supporting home hospice The Homecoming is alive! Its cover is decorated with metalic screen-printed pattern resembling waves, contour lines, roads... As the illustrator Štěpánka Bláhovcová says: once you go up and then you go down, no matter if literally or figuratively. The sea gently sways and comforts us, mountains and hills are endless. And everything happens on the way. The journey is the destination...

2017/11/13 Papelote workshop

Our own workshop has been an inseparable part of papelote from the very beginning. Originally it formed just a bit more than a corner of a living room. Then it evolved into a backstage room of our Prague store and began to share its pile of work with our printing house and seamstresses - it was no longer able to keep up with the speed of sales. And this year it got "promoted" to a new, bigger room above the store and transformed into a space where our limited editions are born...

2017/10/19 Go vote!

We in papelote think that each vote matters, and that is why we've decided to convince the hesitant crowd by a little treat of 10% discount for each vote thrown into the urn. It is our chance to decide tomorrow, lets not leave the decision to others.

2017/09/04 Local production

Once a natural thing, nowadays rather an exception which, however, keeps gaining importance - local production related with creating or sustaining working opportunities and with minimizing ecological strain by eliminating a need to transport products around the globe. Papelote has been continually choosing this way from the very beginning...

2017/07/28 Inventory check

Dear customers, on Thursday and Friday (3-4 August) our shop and our online shop will be closed for inventory. The shop will open on Saturday and online orders made after 2nd August will be dispatched on Monday, 7th August. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are not particularly happy about it either, but unfortunately all the stock has to be counted and reported :(

2017/07/19 Summer by prehistoric calendar

If you decide to set off to have a taste of times long gone and of contemporary architecture to Moravian Pavlov, you will surely not come back empty handed! Some come enriched with knowledge, some might pick up one of summer journals we created for local store...

2017/06/12 Papelote store has turned 7!

A we have a gift for you!

2017/06/12 Papelote upcycled

Elemento upcycled is a collection that gives a second life to our remaining 2017 diary stock. In order not to waste the quality material, we granted it a transformation - the smooth paper printed with calendar turned into tear-off memo pads and the cardboard covers got new fillings and became limited edition of journals.

2017/06/09 How notebook straps come to life

Notebook strap is a playful evergreen in our offer: it was invented 9 years ago by Kateřina Šachová and thanks to its uniqueness, papelote was able to get an international patent for it. Czech elastics are used for the production from the very beginning; these are later turned into the popular notebook straps of various typed and sizes in and around the city of Kladno...

2017/04/19 Eco-friendly papelote

Local production, sustainable materials, recycling, upcycling, handicraft... If you are interested in how these principles are reflected in papelote products, browse the gallery!

2017/04/10 Spring edition: papelote squared!

With the first signs of spring, limited Papelote Squared edition returns to our Prague store - a collection of products that recycles residues from our production and that was made during the long winter evenings. Come choose one of these unique pieces!

2017/04/10 April: The Month of Eco Awareness

Everything is getting green around us, and so it is a perfect time to show more of our "greenness" to the world too! That is why, in April, we prepared an exposition in our Prague store dedicated to principles of eco-friendliness, sustainability, recycling, local production or handicraft, which are innate to our work, but sometimes they might stay hidden under the surface... Take a moment to explore them and get closer to (their) nature :)

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