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2017/02/28 Another award for Místa v srdci!

We are very excited that a book by our graphic designer and illustrator Štěpánka Bláhovcová got another prize, this time a special award at German Design Award. The jury especially appreciated the didactic aspect well supported by two-coloured text and the spiral journal form (based on our Spiral A5). Available in our store. Congrats, Špěpánka!:)

2017/02/10 Graphic designer wanted

Papelote studio is looking for an addition to its team - a graphic designer for an internal cooperation on custom editions. If you can see yourself working with us, keep reading :)

Czech speakers only.

2017/02/07 Embroidered February

In order to make this February a little less freezing, we are launching a limited mini-edition of popular klasika notebooks cosily wrapped up in fabric covers embroidered by an illustrator Alžběta Skálová. The few pieces that are available in our Prague store will warm up both your body and your soul :)

2017/01/09 A year with Štěpánka B.

Not just every single day but also every single year is an original! To all of those who want to make this one extra special, we are offering a limited edition of 2017 diaries illustrated by our graphic designer and well-known illustrator Štěpánka Bláhovcová. Every piece is unique! Come and be enchanted - and do not hesitate for too long, there are just a couple... On sale in our Prague store from January 10th.

2016/12/15 Gift wrapping

Do you want to kill two birds with one stone? Have your gift wrapped right in our store! Our paper bags, which are made in a sheltered workshop Proutek, will be complemented with an original paper tag, so the only step left for you will be putting it underneath a Christmas tree...

2016/12/14 Year's end in our online shop

We get it - a present that is not lying underneath a Christmas tree kind of isn't a proper present anymore. We try very hard for it not to happen to any of you, so we are bringing you an important notification - all orders placed and paid by the 15th of December (incl.) will be sent on Friday and should be delivered before the 24th. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the same thing for orders placed after this date, so do not postpone your purchase any longer :)

2016/12/09 Elemento limited


2016/12/09 For the Christmas peace

No matter if you are transforming into Père Noël, Baby Jesus or Santa Claus this Christmas, save yourselves some nerves and place your orders early enough. Due to your generosity and the amount of orders we are getting these days, some of the reindeer are kind of hobbling now so allow enough time for your presents to arrive...

2016/12/08 Holy Shit Shopping


2016/11/30 European online shop launched!

The highly anticipated launch of our European online shop is finally here! Since this week you are and will be able to order papelote products from wherever in Europe you might be. We are looking forward to seeing your orders coming!

We are currently only sending to EU countries.

2016/11/21 Limited edition of 2017 diaries

DesignSUPERMARKET is getting closer every day and like every year it attracts visitors to limited editions created by the designers specially for the occasion. Papelote has prepared a limited edition of elemento diaries, the covers of which result from an overprint of individual designs from this year's collection. Chance is the best designer sometimes, hence the unique patterns that make every single piece an original... Shall you be in Prague from 8th to 11th of December, come chose your favourite!

2016/11/18 Papelote... squared!

With the pre-Christmas time comes into our store also a recycled collecton called papelote squared, which is created entirely and only from scraps from the production of our stationery. No two items are identical so you have a chance to get a truly unique gift.

2016/11/14 Do you know Materica?

Do you know what are the covers of our photo albums made from? From Materica! Incredible eco friendly paper with FSC certification, which is crafted in recycled cotton fibers that give softness to the surface, recycled fibers and with special pure cellulose fibers that add volume and strength. A material that is capable of providing such visual and tactile experience as the natural elements it was inspired by, and the artfulness of its production resembles the spontaneity of nature itself...

2016/11/10 Our everyday heroes

Meet our everyday heros - Christmas is slowly but surely coming, the production is on its peak and these gentleman's pauses are scarce. Thank you to everyone who is in it with us! Apart from the man from the cutting department, there are also the ladies from the bookbinding and generally the whole team from our parter printing house Tomos. And we cannot forget the ladies from around Lidice, who are our beloved seamstresses... and many others. The list could go on and on, so thank you to everybody, however visible your role may be in papelote.

2016/11/07 Designers' Open 2016

It has been a year since we attended Designers' Open in Leipzig Germany for the first time and we decided to take part again this year. Our notebooks straps were a success once again - our witty patent arouse our neigbours' genuine interest...

2016/11/01 European online shop launched!

The highly anticipated launch of our European online shop is finally here! Since this week you are and will be able to order papelote products from wherever in Europe you might be. We are looking forward to seeing your orders coming!

We are currently only sending to EU countries.

2016/10/31 We have a new stand!

Hand in hand with the redesign of our Prague store we also got a brand new stand, with which we present papelote at both domestic and foreign design markets. A clever combination of a table, multipurpose wooden boxes and drawers tailored to the needs of our products was designed by an interior designer Kateřina Bartošová. We first tested it in practice at Vienna's Edelstoff and we could not be any happier.

2016/10/25 Where to meet us?

Do you want to meet us in person but are not able to visit our Prague store? You might find it convenient to see us in one of the markets we are about to attend during the rest of 2016. After Edelstoff in Vienna and Designers' Open in Leipzig in October, you can see us in Vienna's Feschmarkt (18.–20. 11.) or Berlin's Holy Shit Shopping (3.–4. 12.). Come drop by and say hello :)

2016/10/12 Saving papelote

Past Friday, papelote team attended a first aid course by amazing instructors from ZdrSEM, who we would like to thank again this way!

We kept each other alive multiple times until the imaginatory arrival of an ambulance, so we hope that it will give us - apart from an increased interest in the health of our colleagues - cofidence to help when necessary..

Therefore, in case our wide range of diaries of the colourfulness of our new envelopes ever make your head spin, there will always be someone to help you :)

2016/10/11 Reconstruction of our store

Our store in Vojtěšská will be closed from Thursday 13th till Sunday 16th due to a reconstruction. You can come to see the new interior as well as the autumn new releases from Monday on. Therefore, if you were planning to pick something up this week, do not wait any longer so that you are not welcome just by a pair of locked doors.

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