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2013/08/26 Make your classmates envious!

Well, it's true - just like every year, even this summer has just flown by. The camp, few days at grandma's, a trip, maybe the seaside and it's over. And it seemed to be endless in the beginning...


It's ok, that August melancholy always contains a bit of excitement and anticipation about what this school year will bring. You can look forward to getting a new schoolbag, nice excercise books or an original pencil case, which is an integral part of the end of the summer

If you are planning to shop in papelote, you can look forward to a 20% discount, which will make your school purchases more pleasant in the upcoming weeks. This week it applies to all pencil cases.


Na výběr máte látkový zavinovací penál ze 100% bavlny, praktické pouzdro na zip s barevným dekorem či rolovací penál ze 100% vlněné plsti.

Nechte se překvapit, co to bude příště!