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2017/12/21 Trash is for tossers

Wrapping paper's carreer does not have to end underneath the Christmas tree, it can handle much more! You can for instance transform the wrapping paper into a paper cover for a book you are gifting (see tutorial below) and it will loyally protect it  forever (almost). Paper left after unwrapping can then be turned into playful party decorations... Lets give wrapping paper a second chance!

DIY book paper cover

No more corner cutting and no more adhesive tape - our elegant solution is way simpler:

Lay an open book onto a wrapping paper sheet and fold the paper along the edges of the cover. First fold the top and bottom edge of your paper and then also the sides. That creates a neat rectangle with two flaps. The only thing left is to dress your book with your new paper cover and it is done. You can always take it a step further and decorate it with a label, drawing, stamp or a masking tape.