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2017/06/09 How notebook straps come to life

Notebook strap is a playful evergreen in our offer: it was invented 9 years ago by Kateřina Šachová and thanks to its uniqueness, papelote was able to get an international patent for it. Czech elastics are used for the production from the very beginning; these are later turned into the popular notebook straps of various typed and sizes in and around the city of Kladno...

From elastic to a notebook strap

Rolls of elastics in 23 colours and 2 widths arrive at a workshop in Lidice, where they are cut to required lengths depending on the type of a notebook strap they are about to become. Packages with pre-cut material are then picked-up by seamstresses - usually elderly ladies or stay-at-home mums who sew the notebook straps at home.

Notebook strap sewing

Loops and tag are folded and stitched, ends are neatened with overlock, sticking threads are carefully cut off and voilá - one notebook strap done!

Zero waste packaging

In order to keep things organized, the straps are tied into "flowers" of 10 pieces and sorted into textile bags sewn from remaining scrap fabrics. Protected by another textile bag, the straps arrive at our Prague store. All the packaging is then returned back to Lidice where it gets refilled and the cycle goes on and on...

One idea, many forms

As it's turned out, a notebook strap is a great companion for almost anything - we add it to notebooks, folders or planners and our inventive customers use it on books, wallets or even yoga mats! :)