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2015/07/09 New set of summer postcards is alive!

Since we received more than 200 entries in our summer postcard competition, the selection took a bit more time than expected – but it was worth it! The fresh eight postcard set, symbolically named Res publica, is available starting today. Since with postcards the privacy of correspondence is not kept that strictly, they can sometimes become literally a "res publica" – public affair.

Thank you very much to all the participants. The final Res publica set consists of postcards by Pavla Baštanová, Michaela Casková, Thea Damiánová, Jitka Zajíčková, Ela Cíglerová, Sebastien Javorský, Anička Macháčková and Jan Soukup.

We are very excited to see them being mailed! Summer and postcards go hand in hand.