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2018/06/28 Linger in Prague

In cooperation with Míra Valeš, the author of the well-known Prague Superguide, we have created a new Prague companion for all wandering souls - Linger in Prague. It offers forty spots, waiting to be discovered, as well as enough space to keep a record of your own Prague experience.

Linger in Prague

Secret spots with information in English and their exact coordinates are accompanied by delicate illustrations by Hanka Šradějová and gentle typography by Helena Kopecká. The guide is protected by a durable cover made of vegan leather and comes with a pencil, a map and a postcard that you can send back to Prague from your own most favourite spot in the world...

Also suitable for local wanderers, who may discover new hidden places or add some of their own secret nooks - a pocket atlas of magical places always comes in handy!

Available in papelote store and on our e-shop.