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2015/05/19 Looking for small illustrators

ATTENTION PLEASE! The "design a summer postcard" contest has been extended until the end of May and there is no limit to the age of participants. Therefore we are excited to receive some more designs from young illustrators, so the summer postcard set can be properly varied!

Would you like to have your own postcard published as a part of papelote's summer series? Try your luck (as well as skill) in our design contest for summer postcards. If you think you have a good idea, please send it to by 31 May. We will select a harmonized group that will make up our summer 2015 postcard set.

The reward for the selected designs will be a set of postcards with your own design that send to your friends and family and boast about being published, as well as several of the other designs, and finally you will also receive a gift certificate in the value of 500 CZK to purchase rewards according to your taste.

Maximum three design proposals from one author. Please include your name, surname and title of the design.

By participating in the contest the author gives consent to papelote for subsequent processing and publication of the work.