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2018/08/31 Paper matters

Paper as such is considered a renewable source, which makes it more eco-friendly than other materials - however, it is necessary to think further about its ecological impact. Not all paper is the same. What plays an important role is also the origin of wood used to make cellulose as well as the volume of water used in its production, the extent of pollution coming from the paper mill, or also the distance the paper has to travel to reach the customer. For that reason, for our production, we select materials coming from ecologically sustainable forestry. A major part of our paper comes from a Nordic paper mill named Arctic paper, known for maintaining the highest ecological standards...

The story of Arctic paper mills sounds almost like a fairy tale (not one by Andersen, fortunately). It stands in the midst of the scenic nature of South Sweden Gullmars fjord and paper has been made there since the 1800's. Paper of today's production doesn't differ too much from the one made in 1871 - it still consists of 97% water and 3% cellulose. The cellulose is made of wood which is FSC or PEFC certified, which means that it comes from forestry ensuring suitable treatment of the environment and workers.

The volume of water consumed is something the mill is particularly proud of - rightfully - a ton of paper is made using only 3-4 cubic meters of water, which is 60-65% less than elsewhere. Water from the production line heading back to the river of Munkendal is only one filtrating process away from drinking quality. Therefore the clear river remains a home to a population of salmons who sometimes even stray to the inside of the factory - fortunately, there's always an employee ready to save them...

From the wide range of Arctic paper, we grew particularly fond of smooth Munken with an exceptionally natural surface and extraordinary absorbing quality, described by the manufacturer: "Munken is a matter of dedication - to design, nature, detail. If you want to choose between design and the environment, choose both!" And we gratefully agree.

You can find Munken in all of our diaries, in professio, professio midi, kombiné journal, travel journal, letter set let it envelope, ripblok, planblok or photo-envelopes and compliment cards.