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2014/04/15 papelote and dva

If you know the band DVA then you probably also know they have a new album. But you may not know that is accompanied by a collection of special notebooks by papelote.

It was like this - first there were two wrapping papers with the motives from one member of the group - Bára Kratochvílova aka Janines Jansen. The naturally two-sided papers playfully interconnected the diversity of abundant fauna on one side with the texts from the new album on the other side.


These papers served the role of a cover for three notebooks. As became apparent, the material was more than inspirational and by folding it in various ways there were hidden pockets created where the front side met with the back side creating a surprising result. The trio includes two classical notebooks and one special, hand-sewn double notebook.

These notebooks are available in the papelote shop in Vojtesska Street, Prague 1.

Drawings: Janines Jansen
design: Kateřina Šachová, Štěpánka Bláhovcová
photo: Filip Šach
arrangement: Hana Šradějová