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2017/11/13 Papelote workshop

Our own workshop has been an inseparable part of papelote from the very beginning. Originally it formed just a bit more than a corner of a living room. Then it evolved into a backstage room of our Prague store and began to share its pile of work with our printing house and seamstresses - it was no longer able to keep up with the speed of sales. And this year it got "promoted" to a new, bigger room above the store and transformed into a space where our limited editions are born...

Today, the workshop is where our limited, handmade and one-of-a-kind editions take shape. For instance, our papelote squared edition, which is created every once in a while to repurpose residual material hoarded from the printing house.

Also stamps that decorate our kombiné limited notebooks were born here. Final touches in form of intricate details are given to custom editions but also to our own products.

Apart from all the above, the workshop serves also as a kind of a laboratory for our graphic studio - every technological innovation must be properly tested first.

And what is happening here right now, you ask? Well, a new limited edition from a cycle suitably called Second Life is being born - soon to be seen in our store :)

Papelote workshop today


History of papelote production