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2018/11/06 Papelote squared is back in all of its beauty!

Our workroom has given life to a new edition of products upcycling our residual material - apart from a series of notebooks, our popular "papelote squared" collection also includes two sizes of photo albums made of elegant black cardboard, which can't wait to bring the stories of your photos, notes, and memories into life. ¨

Come and pick one up in our store before they're sold out!

podzimní papelote na druhou

papelote (Spanish) meaning: scrap paper that is used to create something new

Papelote squared is an edition of products made from materials that remained from the production of our stationery. Scrap paper, imperfect pieces, cuttings etc. that patiently waited for a resurrection are now back on stage. Papelote literally recycles itself. Squared...