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2019/07/02 Prague Quadrennial now available in papelote

Papelote shop now offers three products that we designed and created for Prague Quadrennial. So if you didn't make it to the festival, you can take your time to pick the right one! Whether you choose a set of notebooks, a playful pexeso or an interactive cut-out mask, is entirely up to you...

This year's theme focuses on three essential phases of a creative process - imagination, transformation and reflection. In relation to this topic, we've created a set of three notebooks, each of which represents one phase. And since one part of a creative process makes no sense without another, also our notebooks are united into a compact whole, firmly bound by a pencil strap. Their colours and sizes (which form a golden ratio when combined in a set) react to the visual identity of PQ. However, each visitor can create their own combination of colours pleasing to their senses.

While adult visitors will definitely feel the need to demonstrate their own creativity after witnessing such a burst of inspiration, they might want to wait home - however, children will get the chance to express their creativity on the spot.

At our stand they will find a cut-out mask, which allows them to magically become anything they want. And once their transformation is done, they can continue with a game of pequeso - a pexeso with illustrations of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

Illustration: Táňa Martincová

Papelote pro Pražské Quadriennale