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2017/12/12 Second chance for people and paper

We in papelote always stick to the motto, which says that the most sustainable paper is one not wasted; that is why we always try to find new use for residual material. For instance, we reuse test sheets (sheets of paper used for first rounds of - imperfect - printing) and transform them into paper bags used in our Prague store to pack purchases.

We designed the sizes in order to fit our whole range of products, so that each purchase could get a proper size wrapping. The test sheets often feature interesting, or even magical overprints of various patterns and papertypes from our products. They are cut to sizes in our printing house and sent to sheltered workshop of Home Harcov, where they become the paper bags you carry your brand new notebooks from our store in.

Upcyklované sáčky

However, we hope that their life does not even end here. The high quality paper they are made of will surely withstand more use - use them as gift bags, storage for keepsakes or even lunch bags :)

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