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2017/04/19 Eco-friendly papelote

Local production, sustainable materials, recycling, upcycling, handicraft... If you are interested in how these principles are reflected in papelote products, browse the gallery!

Sustainable materials in papelote mean especially paper from sustainable forestry (or recycled paper), Czech wood for pencils and 100% wool felt. All paper used in papelote is certified as environmentally friendly.


Local production is a proud badge worn by all papelote products.


Upcycling (utilising remaining material or products by transforming them into something new) is a principle basically incorporated in the very name of papelote - in Spanish, papelote means scrap paper that can be used for making something new :) In practise we reuse scrap material for Papelote Squared limited collection, for the paper bags we give customers in our store or for the Softblok line, the covers of which are made from cardboard remaing from the production of Professios. Imperfect pieces are then stars of spring sale and are left to be enhanced by the creativity and fantasy of our customers.


Even the products made in our printing shop have a strong handmade aspect to them. See, the notebooks don't bind themselves, nor are the envelopes glued by a robot; the stitched binding is carefully secured with 3 hand-tied knots at each end. Textile and Tyvek items are sewn in houselholds around the city of Kladno and some pieces are made directly in the papelote workshop - long story short, there are many hands involved in every single product of ours :)

Thanks to everybody!