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2013/08/08 History of mt - masking tapes

New patterns of the popular mt - masking tapes have arrived in papelote. Their manufacturer - the Japapnese company Kamoi Kakoshi - is celebrating an anniversary this year. We have therefore decided to share some interesting information from the backstage of their production with you.

When the Japanese company Kamoi Kakoshi was founded in 1923 it became a specialist in the production of industrial tapes used for painting of buildings, cars or furniture. The company prospered thanks to their excellent quality of production and it successfully entered the new millenium.

The story of the decorative masking tapes began with a discreet email that arrived in the company in 2006. It was written by three women from Tokyo who showed their interest in visiting the production. They attached their small book, which represented a completely new interpretation of the original tapes - their fantastic designs broke the perception that the tapes have only industrial use. The visit resulted in a production plan of the tapes in new colours.

The visions were gradually materialized and after two years of development the first collection of delicate, traditional Japanese colours that superbly reflect the characteristics of the rice Washi paper was born in 2008.

The tapes quickly became popular, which led to a constant expansion of the assortment, organization of exhibitions, and to the opening of the Kamoi museum located in the old factory hall that produced the original tapes in Kurashiki, Okayama.

The use of the tapes is unbelievably broad - decoration actually looks good on nearly anything.

So why not uncurb the bridle of your fantasy and celebrate the 5th anniversary together with mt - masking tapes!